Analyse And Research the Audience

Idea for unit 13

For my Final Major Project, I thought up an idea that focuses on the bond between a mother and daughter. The idea is that there are multiple daughters speaking ominously to the camera about their mother, all good things and bad about each of their mothers that they wish their mothers knew. For B-Roll, I want a performance by musical instrument, played with emotion to give to the feel of the film. This will be cut in between takes of the daughter speaking. B-Roll includes having each girl holding a picture off their mothers.

Target Audience

My idea concept includes having students as my target audience. This means the way I approach social media platforms will be different compared to if I was dealing with an audience of the older generation. Younger audiences are easier to approach and have more access to the internet to my advantage so it will be easier to get the message of my film production into the world by the use of Social Media. I will also need to consider which social media platforms are used more often by my audience, the students. Me, myself being a student knows that I personally use Instagram more than Facebook, but use Facebook more than Twitter, although I know a few people who prefer Twitter to Facebook.


Film Festivals are a good way to get your film noticed. There are a lot of Film Festivals aimed at students, which is ideal for this type of film. The use of these Festivals can get your film recognised by higher end production companies. Because I am female, I could send my film into the Underwire Festival which is a film festival specifically celebrating women filmmakers and actors. There’s a small fee to enter my film into this festival (£10-£15 depending on when it is submitted), but they take any genre of film at any age. A disadvantage is that the film has to be 20 minutes long. The date for the 2018 deadline has already passed (15th June) and the 2019 dates have not yet been released Another film festival which is more local is the UK Monthly Film Fest based in Norwich. This festival is every 8 weeks, allowing you to get feedback on your films quickly and get recognised faster. The deadline for the UK Monthly Film Fest at the moment is the 18th of November. Like the Underwire Festival, Norwich Film Fest also requires the film to be 25 minutes long. The fee for this festival for student films is £10-£40 (Again, depending on when the film is submitted). Another Film Festival called London Super Shorts is a festival based in London. There isn’t a fee and no specification on the length of the short film. The deadline for the festival is 20th January 2019 which is too soon for me to submit my film since we start filming around mid-April.

My survey on SurveyMonkey had a goal to present facts about the use of social media. I managed to get 10 responses, and they all answered the questions I was mostly interested in finding the answers to.

Question 1:


The point of this question was to see which platform would be best to reach my target audience, and therefore be able to post relatable and informative content. The results for the question ‘Which Social Media platform do you use the most?’, shows that Snapchat and Instagram are the main competitors, both at 40 percent. Surprisingly, Facebook loses the race with stacking up only 20 percent of answers.

Question 2:

This question is self explanatory, the point to give me ideal posting times on social media, and to also figure out when is best to start interacting with followers. Night posts are most likely to be seen, as according to my results, that’s when there’s most activity going on. Therefore i will be posting in the evening times due to high levels of activity from my audience.

Question 3:

The reason I put this particular question in my survey was because I believed that even though Snapchat is all story based, no one ever sees commercial advertisment on it because Snapchat isn’t really a platform which you would advertise a buisness on. I predicted that Snapchat would win this question, but it was the runner up I was most interested in because these last two options were ones I was going to place my film on to promote it. Instagram won, which leaves a strong message to advertise on the as many people watch the stories and are quite involved in them. Also, on Instagram, you can do polls, questions, post music, GIFs, short clips, hashtags, locations etc. It’s very interactive because they take less than 10s to interact with.

Question 4:

I asked this question to help me discover if people are actually interested in online communal pages, to help me discover if it would be better to use social media platforms or an actual website. The overall score on my results suggests that people actually do pay attention to the pages they follow, especially the ones on social media, therefore will be better for me to create a page on Facebook or Instagram.

Question 5:

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 09.51.18

Interestingly, Facebook won this question. I am surprised by this as Snapchat is solely based off short videos (but not advertisement based). Facebook, according to my first question, is the least used social media platform to be used, and yet according to this question, is the platform mostly used to watch videos on. These results are strange, but useful, as it seems I can decide which content to post on which platform.

The use of producing this survey was a success, I learned that Facebook is a solid platform to use for promotion, due to being highly sensitive for sharing business pages. Instagram was also extremely popular as you are able to share a lot of media based things, although from looking at the results I have gotten, pictures may be the most popular way to advertise my way into the realms of Instagram. Unfortunately Twitter or Tumblr didn’t win any votes on my survey, which is rather interesting. Luckily, the audience I am attempting to interest, students, are very into social media and I believe it will be quite easy to target them using Facebook and Instagram.

How to target the audience

There are quite a few platforms in which my target audience could see the video I’m planning on directing. The most common social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat (and many others). There are millions of different advantages and disadvantages of each social media platform, I will be discussing my two most likely forms of social media that I will use for my film, Facebook and Intagram:

  • Facebook Pros

Facebook is used by millions of users each day. It’s quite easy to promote your brand as you can easily tap into the audience you want by following pages that have similar aspects to your own film. Many choose Facebook for their businesses or brand as you can connect worldwide (2.23 billion users use Facebook (Source: Statista)). It’s also easy to stay connected as posting related content will keep followers happy and interested, this being a big priority as without public interest there is a high possibility that your film won’t become successful at all. Facebook also gives you options to make ‘groups’, this is a way to be more social with the target audiences as it can become more personal. The design of Facebook allows you to adjust the header photo, profile photo, details, how to contact and links to other social media pages.


Source: Sketch App Resources by Dan Webster (2012)


This demographic shows the age, gender and percentage of active Facebook users in total. This is hopeful as there is a high percentage for women aged 18-24 (students) as that is the target audience for my film concept. This shows me that Facebook could be a good and positive place to advertise my film as it will most likely be seen by many young women.

Source: Statista (July 2018)

  • Facebook Cons

Setting all the different parts of a Facebook can be heavily time consuming, especially if you’re after a quick promotional page. A lot of criticism will be a problem as there are ‘haters’ and ‘trolls’ everywhere, so dealing with those could occur to be a big problem. Men are also shown to be more active users, and since my film is merely based around young females, it may not appeal to men and will most likely be passed off.

Facebook allows you to communicate personally with the audience you aim for and this would be extremely helpful to me as the way you can interact means you can target groups at once.

  • Instagram Pros

Instagram is very visual, you cannot post without having to use a photo or video. This social media carries 100 million users everyday. This platform allows videos lengthed 5-60 seconds, also allowing you to post more than one at a time. Instagram also has something called ‘stories’ which are mini videos that are used immensely for ‘vlogs’. They are quick updates which can be very effective when used for promotion. The extensive use of hashtags are useful when selling something as people can post and give feedback using the hashtag, and allows you as the promoter to get closer to your audience. You can also promote your buisness through intagram by paying to have it advertised on millions of Instagram home screens around the world. Statistics show that 60% of active users find new products through the use of Instagram and 200 million users visit a business page each day. This shows that Instagram is a good place to show off your brand and gain followers for it (Source: AdEspresso 24th Sept 2018).

In Instagram stories, they are extremely interactive. As you can see on the screenshot below, you can provide locations, polls, mention members of your crew, use hashtags to promote, ask your audience questions, add music and use slider emojis. These are very helpful to get your audience involved.


  • Instagram Cons

The Instagram app is only avalible through Google Play store and the Apple Store, therefore there is limited availability for some users to get Instagram. There is also a huge problem of copyright on Instagram as the media you should post should be your own, people like to steal content (Source: Online Sciences 2nd June 2015). Since Instagram is visual, you have to be tactical about what you post. It has to be exciting and interesting yet informative as well. The limitations on the length of videos are definitely a disadvantage as it’s likely that a teaser of a film should be more than a minute (Source: Mike Marco).

I think using Instagram stories and using the most relevant posts could be extremely popular as this social media platform is probably the most interactive of all of the social medias. I could use these to promote my own film as I know how to use Instagram effectively and which content will likely be the most useful and popular.

Existing social media campaigns

Example of a Facebook Page:

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 09.46.26.png

‘She’s Gotta Have It’ – Spike Lee

The last time this page was active was at the end of June 2018, since it has now turned into October 2018 it should update, especially since season 2 is due to be released. This Facebook page uses photos and videos mainly to show us clips of each episode and also behind the scenes action. There are related photos on the page with the song tracks you can hear in each episode of ‘She’s Gotta have It’.

26,012 people have liked the Facebook Page and can see everything that they post. They even have more followers (up by 500 more). Although they have all these followers their music list photos don’t get as much response from the audience as behind the scenes photos do, or video clips from the actual episodes which can get 200-600 likes at a time.

They also use gifs to interact with the audience because moving pictures are enjoyable to watch for three seconds.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.09.13
Example of music references in the episode of ‘Little Black Dress’.
Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.10.24
Behind the scenes shot of ‘Nola’ and another character we’re yet to find out in season two.



Jamie Overstreet hashtag video

‘Despicable Me’ directed by Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda


This FaceBook page used a lot of material that was supposedly relevant to their target audience. They use a lot of short gifs, even made little remixes in order to interact with smaller audiences.


Example of an Instagram page:

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.16.35.png

The Blackkklansman Instagram page is very nicely presented. There’s a great colour scheme and there’s a mixture of all kinds of media. Some posts are videos and some are multiple photos. A lot of the posts are also reviews.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.18.22

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.18.44

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.19.03
This photo also has quotes from the film.

There are hundreds of comments on these photos and videos which are mostly all positive and not criticism about the film. The amount of likes are well into the 1000’s. To get people interested, the use of hashtags are used a lot to almost ‘start conversation’.


What is crowdfunding? A crowdfunder is gaining financial support off other people to fund your film, and is an effort off people you know like friends and family and investors. The money comes through via social media platforms and also crowdfunding websites too (like KickStarter). Crowdfunding can also make you aware whether there’s a gap in the film industry for your film. One reason why crowdfunding can be popular is because influential investors can

It’s like a political campaign. You have to be on it every day, update stuff every day.” – Spike Lee. Here, Spike is talking about how to keep people interested in crowdfunding and developing their interests to make it appear that the investors are spending money that is being to good use.

Spike Lee, every since he left university, used crowdfunding to finance his film from the beginning. Although crowdfunding wasn’t really around in the 1980s, he still managed to get enough funding to make movies like ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ and Malcolm X.

I’ve been making films since 1986, so I have a fan base. So I went directly to my fan base and said, ‘Help me get this new film made,’ and that’s what we did.” Spike has been around for decades, he has a huge fanbase. He calls upon this fanbase, his friends, family – anyone who could possibly be interested.

One recent film he crowdfunded, ‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’, was heavily criticised as a lot as people believed that he was rich enough to fund it himself instead of asking for money. His incentives ranged from $5 – $10,000 meaning that anyone can help to fund him, and they receive gifts from him (example: $5 can get you limited edition pins, patches, bumper stickers. $30 and more can get you tees, DVDs. $750 gets you invited to premieres and meet and greets. This film managed to raise $1.25M dollars, all from crowdfunding which is especially exciting since its one of the top grossing crowdfunded films (Henry Barnes, The Guardian).


Spike Lee KICKSTARTER video

I think for my production I will use a Facebook page to promote my film. Facebook allows you to write statuses and all types of medias that will be useful to me, it is quick to upload updates on there, and my target audience uses Facebook quite a bit. Instagram allows me to quickly post photos of the film in pre-production and also show off onset action. Therefore I will also set up an Instagram page to gain attention more media wise.


Small crowdfunded film – The Journey.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.40.24

The Kickstarter’s description for this documentary production:

The Journey follows the adventure of Luke while he makes his way to Australia without flying. Using only trains, buses, and one boat. The trip lasts over 90 days and traverses over 19,000 miles. Crossing Europe, Russia, Asia and the Pacific ocean. 

​Luke will be talking to people to understand their Journey, why they are on it and what steps they are taking to achieve their goals. 

​We want to explore everyone’s life journey. We believe that everyone, from anywhere, is on a Journey. It could be anything from starting a new job, getting over an addiction, or bringing up a family. Everything to us is interesting. 

This will then be turned into an epic feature length movie. Using reconstructions, everyday peoples story will be retold and incorporated into the film, making them the star and bringing their journey to life. 

As the old saying goes ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the Journey‘.


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.40.37Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.40.56Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.41.13Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.41.26

These incentives are ranged from £1-£5,000. For £1 you can get weekly newsletter updates about the film, which is reasonable for the price. Personally, I would start my incentive off from £2. If my crowdfunding incentive for £2 was a newsletter, I would probably include something a little extra, like a thank you postcard that was personalised to the person. If a person wanted to give £50, I would likely make a personalised ‘thank you’ video that explains what the money will be used for in more detail.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.41.41


Film Freeway –

Statista –

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Mike Marco – March 20th 2016

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  1. This looks good so far, can you just space out the film festivals a bit so that they are not swallowed into the audience section and stand out more. You seem to be up to date, we will have time to add in the primary research and focus group that you did and analyse that next week too.


  2. Interim marking – October Half Term

    You have started of really well, you have looked into film festivals and the closing dates and other details and then looked into the trends of social media used. You need to add in your survey and focus group here and analyse the findings that you have and link these to the platforms you will use and your audience. Your research on existing campaigns is good. you could add more her though and look at the different techniques in more detail. eg. polls, caption this, go live etc. and how you could potentially use these techniques.Your research on crowdfunding need to have a smaller film detailed. and look into their incentives etc. Also there is a random part about film festivals at the bottom, can you move this in to the right place. This looks good so far, a few tweaks and bit to add to and you will be working at a high pass/very high pass. You need to add to this to complete though as it is not at a pass yet.


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